Traveling The World At Epcot Again

Visiting Japan Without A Passport

It is hard to believe that it has been nearly two years since our last trip to Disney. Disney is a great place for the kids, but I love it too. Places like Epcot give me endless photo opportunities. Granted you don’t have all day to make photos. I am usually holding a place in line for a Princess while the kids are doing something else. During that time though you are stuck in one place for a long time, and you can find things to photograph.

Discovering Views While You Walk

Sometimes you have a long time to set up a shot at Disney, and other times you do not. Here we were walking after dinner one night when I came upon this scene. I saw it while in the group, and quickly broke off to make this photo. I saw this composition while walking by, and it was the best one. You have some ugly elements in the foreground that you would not want in your photo so you are pretty much locked into what I have here. It is an interesting look though. Most of my Disney photos are made this way. The progress of the family is stopped while I make a photo. Another great time to make a photo is during one of the many bathrooms breaks you find yourself in the middle of with kids. My wife would take them to the bathroom while I made a few photos. If you look at my Disney photos and a map of the bathrooms you would be surprised at the correlation.


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