Taking The Monorail

Waiting For The Monorail

When we go to Disney there usually are not many moments for me to make some photos aside from a quick grab and go. Even with that I can still have some fun making photos on a trip. The photo above was one of those moments where I made the decision to hang out for a second while the family moved ahead. With two small kids my wife will not get too far ahead of me, and I can wait for the moment that I am looking for. Here I decided to that this was a cool scene, and it would be worth my time to wait for the monorail. As it turned out I did not have to wait long, and I was back with the family in no time. I was able to make an image that I had in my mind though which is important as well.

Coming Back To Make A Photo

In sports photography you rarely get a second chance to make a photo. When the moment passes you can’t ask for a redo. Here I saw a moment earlier in the trip from a little further away, and I could not make the image. With that in mind I made sure to be in the right place the next time that I was in the area. It feels good when you get a second chance to make an image. This is one of my favorite storytelling images from the trip.


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