Sunset at the Lafayette Brewing Company

Sunset At the Lafayette Brewing Company

Last night we were eating at the Lafayette Brewing Company when I saw that the light looked pretty good outside. I grabbed my camera (which of course I had on me at dinner), and made my way outside. The Brew Pub is one of those places where I seem to constantly make pictures at some point during a meal. I have countless phone and dSLR shots from about this same angle. I love this view down Main Street towards the courthouse. The setting sun usually provides a nice end of the tunnel so to speak.

The Importance of the Lafayette Brewing Company

If you read this blog then you know how important the Brew Pub is to me. This is the place where I first met my wife. Without her none of what I do would be possible. She provided the support early on to get this thing off of the ground. She is probably also the one person who read this blog for a couple of years. Today is her birthday. For the last couple of years I have scheduled my posts to go out at 9:27 in the morning as a little nod to her. The only time that I change that up is on my daughters birthday four days earlier. It is hard to properly celebrate two important people in your life who have birthdays four days apart so I hope every year that I do okay.

Making the Photo Special

I went to a little more trouble with this photo than I normally would a photo like this because it would post today. I started out by using Lightroom to make an HDR of three bracketed shots that I made on the scene. Those photos were at -2, 0, and +2. From there I edited that Lightroom HDR photo to a point where I liked how the sky looked. I then exported the same brackets to my desktop as jpegs as Aurora HDR just gives me a pink photo if I send it RAW photos from my 5D Mark IV. I then used Aurora to make a photo of the buildings and foreground that I liked. I then took those two photos into Photoshop to blend them together. I also got rid of a few distracting elements such as orange cones from the photo. I usually only do things like this on photos that I think will sell, but this one was worth a little extra effort.


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