The Church On The Hill

The Court Street Baptist Church

While in Lynchburg I did not have a lot of time to walk around. I did manage to get out a bit Saturday morning before everything started to crank up to make some photos. One landmark that I saw from the hotel the night before was the Court Street Baptist Church. I walked up the long hill to the church. Everything in Lynchburg is on the hill. I only walked 1.5 miles during my short walk, but I climbed 15 flights of stairs according to my phone. The walk up the hill was steep, but worth it for this shot of the old church. I am a sucker for old church photos, and this one had a cool setting allowing me to really put it up against the sky.

Walking Around With the Canon 24-105mm Lens

Ever since I bought this lens a couple of years ago it has been a staple in my travel photography. It is great to have while walking around a city. You can be wide at 24mm or zoomed in at 105mm. Here I was at 28mm to get just the interesting aspects of this photo in. It is the perfect walk around lens that will stay in my bag for quite some time. The only way that I might take it out is for the version II of the lens.

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