Purdue Baseball Takes On The Ontario Blue Jays

The Purdue Pitching Staff Twirls a Gem Against Ontario

Friday afternoon I was back at Alexander Field to watch the exhibition game for Purdue against the Ontario Blue Jays. It has been a while since I have even attended a baseball game let alone shot one. It was nice to watch a game even if it was just an exhibition. I usually don’t enjoy shooting exhibition games. They don’t ever seem to flow like a real game making it harder to shoot. This one against an actual opponent seemed like a good idea. It was nice to get out and photograph a game again as well.

History!….Wait What?

As I said you never know what to expect when you photograph an exhibition game. I moved to a spot in the ninth inning hoping to photograph something cool. At that point I think four pitchers had pitched, and not one of them had let a man on base. A four pitcher perfect game would be cool to see no matter what they are calling the game. The photo above was of what I thought was the final pitch of the game. The ball was hit to second and thrown to first to end the game. My camera was trained on the mound for the jube that never came. The team just went into the dugout. I was guessing that I was the only one who thought that it was a big deal. Then I saw the opponent trot back out onto the field for the bottom of the ninth. With a eight run lead I didn’t know why Purdue needed to bat again. It was then that I checked the Purdue Baseball Twitter account and saw that the game was going to go twelve innings. Purdue ended up keeping Ontario off base for all twelve innings, but I had somewhere else to be by that time. I still wonder if they put on a celebration after they recorded the final out. Regardless of how long they played it was fun to get back out and photograph baseball. You can find my full gallery from the game here.

A Great Start

Just before the game started three fighter jets screamed by a few miles away from the stadium. Then during the National Anthem the jets came over the stadium one by one. It was a great way to start the game off. I should have known that I was going to see something special when that happened.

A Great Motion

Near the end of my game the last Ontario pitcher that I saw had a great motion. He had many parts which were cool to photograph which is always nice. Before the pitch he did a cool arm dangle with a chain that would pop out. The delivery was interesting as well going into a Chris Sale type motion to the plate. This was my favorite of the shots that I made of him, but I did take the time to make a few pictures of the pitcher. 

Back To Baseball

On June 4th when Xavier was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament I knew the tournament was over, but I had no idea how dry my summer would be for baseball. As it turned out I did not make a baseball photo or even see a game in person for the entire summer. It was on the first day of fall that I would get back out to the diamond for what I imagine is my last game of the year. Maybe that is part of the reason why I am rethinking this whole sports photography thing. If I can’t even get out to photograph my favorite sport then things need to change. For now we are still marching along. This is too fun to stop cold turkey.


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