The Long And Winding Road

Spending Some Time Back In LaPorte

I have travelled on this lane many times. It is the lane to the house my grandparents bought on a lake in LaPorte in the early 80’s. Time has passed and my parents now call the lake house their home. Sometimes the light is right, and the lane looks amazing. On the left is a lake, and on the right is a swamp. Down the middle takes you to your destination. The saying keep it between the lines never had so much meaning as it does on this lane.

The Best Camera You Have…

Here on this day I did not have my dSLR with me. I did however have my iPhone 7 Plus. The old saying that the best camera is the one you have on you applied here. I wanted to make a photo of the old lane, and the iPhone worked just fine in the good light. Someday I will come back when the leaves are in good color and the light is right with my dSLR to do this right. For now this works just fine.


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