Flying Over the Purdue Bell Tower

Flying Over the Bell Tower at Purdue University

A while back I went to campus hoping that the clouds rolling in would make for a good sunset. Things did not go according to plan that night, but I was able to make some photos that I liked. I made an ultra wide angle of the fountain with some interesting clouds from the ground, and then I took my DJI Phantom 4 Pro up in to the sky to make a couple of aerial images. The first image that I liked I posted at the end of July. This photo was one that I liked nearly as much, but I wanted to give it a post of its own. I have made photos from a similar angle to this one in the past as I think it really makes for a good photo. When the light is right one night I will finally make the photo that I have in mind here. Until then I can continue to make some good photos of the scene.

Aurora HDR Pro

This photo was pretty much made in Aurora HDR Pro. I took my five files that I made in auto bracketing mode into Aurora to put them together. The beauty of Aurora is that you can do most of your edit right there. You can do any masking that is needed to make the final photo. In the old days of Photomatix it took many steps in many different programs to get the file that I wanted. Here I got it all done in one program.

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