Here Comes The Moon

Photographing the Moon Over the Campus Of Purdue University

Yesterday started with an easy idea. I wanted to photograph something at night. It then turned into an idea to photograph something with world renowned photographer Trevor Mahlmann. He had this idea to photograph the moon behind the bell tower, and it was a great one. It reminded me a bit of an Indiana Jones movie. If you stand in a certain place at a certain time something will happen. Happen it did. The moon came up and gave us a tremendous show. It was really something just to stand on the hill and watch the moon come up. A few times it looked so great and we realized that it was going to work for us so I decided to jump around a bit. It really is great to be a part of something that works so well. I will admit that I really had no part in the planning. It was all Trevor. He told me where to stand, and I just had to press my shutter button. Photographing something bright along with the bell tower can be tricky. I still don’t think that I got it perfect, but it was fun trying. Someday when the kids are old enough I will give them some lights so that they can light paint the tower while we photograph it.

Sometimes the Song Works Out Perfectly

When thinking about this post while setting up I knew I wanted to use a song title again. Yesterday I used a Beatles title so what could I use today? When I saw this title of a George Harrison song I knew that it was perfect. In the early days of the blog I used a lot of song titles for my posts. After a few weeks of writing I started coming up empty on post titles. I love music so it was the perfect way to go. Now nearly 2,500 posts into this venture it has become a real challenge to come up with titles. Some are very literal, and some can be fun. This was another fun one. Tomorrows post will have a very literal title I am sure.

The End Of An Era

This was probably the last shoot that I will make with my original tripod. I have had the same crappy tripod that I bought at Best Buy in 2011 for all of these years. It was a badge of honor just how bad the tripod was. I was not afraid of ruining it because it was such a piece of crap. Two different episodes with careless TSA agents have made it nearly unusable. I finally pulled the trigger on a new tripod which will arrive tomorrow. This was a pretty cool last shoot to go out on though for the old thing.


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