Fishing in Ocean City

The Barrage of Ocean City Photos is Upon Us

For most of the next couple of weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite photos from our family trip to Ocean City. The Ocean City trip is a fun time for all of our family to get together and spend some time together. It is also a fun week for me to photograph many things that we don’t have around West Lafayette. If you want the normal blog then by sometime next week it should be back to normal. For the next few days though it will be filled with some of my favorite images from our trip to Ocean City. Fishing boats and sunsets are a good way to keep this thing going.

Sprinting Off To Make a Photo

This is a great example of a time when I suddenly disappear for a few seconds to make a photo. After dinner one night we had an impromptu photoshoot on the docks behind the restaurant we were at. As we were walking to our car I saw this scene just a little to our right. I made a quick course correction to make this images, and then back to my family. That is kind of how these trips work most of the time. We are having our family time, and then I disappear for a moment. When something like this is in front of you though you have to stop and make a picture.

Aurora HDR Pro

I don’t use third party HDR programs much anymore. Shortly after this blog started I began using Photomatix for every one of my HDR photos. Then Lightroom added an HDR function, and that is where I live most of the time. Every now and then I have an idea for a photo that I think can only be done with an HDR program. This was one of those. I brought my three photos into Aurora HDR, and then let the program work its magic. After a few tweaks I have a photo that I really like. It is an extra step, but one that is worth it.

The Week In Photos

Of course being on vacation the entire week this weeks edition of the week in photos becomes a best of from my trip to Ocean City. You can view my Exposure page here. This was a fun week in a place where it makes it fun to make some photos. Next week things will get back to normal for the most part.


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