The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

Looking Up At The New Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

Part of the fun of going to Chicago with the family is seeing the city through their young eyes. To me parts of the city are things that I have seen many times. You start to get used to them. The kids gasped at the large ferris wheel at Navy Pier. As we were looking at it I walked over a few steps to make the photo above. It is a simple photo, but one that is fun.

Where It All Started

I am not the kind of person that enjoys shopping at a place like Navy Pier. One reason that I come back time after time though is to revisit a place that is special to my photography. I took a class there of things that I should have known by then. For some reason though I didn’t take photography seriously. I kept doing the same things over and was happy with my crappy pictures. That day in late June helped me start down the path that led me to where I am today. It was the start of a lot of change for me.

The End of Lexar

When I started taking photography seriously in 2011 I had no idea what brands of memory cards I could trust. Somehow I was steered to Lexar, and I have had nothing but great luck with them over the years. Lately though the newer cards don’t seem to be as good. During an event last month I talked to a rep who gave me the double talk about the cards. Emails to support went unanswered. Seeing very prominent photographers ask what is going on in social media without a response was weird to me. Why would you stop customer support? The answer became apparent yesterday when it was announced that the memory card brand Lexar was being shelved. They have been a brand that I have trusted for the last six years now. The search for the replacement is on. I have a couple of San Disk cards on the way to test them out. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for memory cards?


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