The Purdue Day of Giving

A Beautiful Day on the Campus of Purdue University

Wednesday was a beautiful day on the campus of Purdue. I was up there to cover some of the Purdue Day of Giving events. It is amazing how much money comes into the University on that one day. I spent a little time near the fountain waiting for some interesting groups to come by. A few of the organizations would come to the fountain for their day of giving pictures. While waiting for a group I made this photo as the conditions seemed perfect for it.

The Entrance to Campus

My friend Trevor Mahlmann has a nice write up that he posted a couple of days ago about making a photo very similar to this one. For me it was an idea that I tried very quickly. For Trevor it was a mission to make the perfect picture. You can view his photo and his story about it here. The great clouds and the blue skies made for an enjoyable few hours on campus yesterday.

When the Blue Skies Go Away

Those blue skies quickly faded as the night approached. In fact as I was entering my last event I got soaked even with my umbrella over me as the rain was coming in sideways. As I left the concert though I noticed that the rain had stopped as the storm passed through. If the sun were to come out even for a second I think a fantastic rainbow would have appeared. I got to my car quickly to head to the top of the garage that I was parked in just in case that happened. It never did, but I still made a couple of interesting photos while I was up there.

Getting In Tight With the Canon 300mm f/4

Late in the show I was shooting I put my 1.4x teleconverter onto my Canon 300mm f/4 lens. I lost a stop of light doing this, but I did get in a little tighter. I wanted to get closer to my subject from my position on the side of the stage. When I reached the top of the parking garage I still had my 300mm set up with the tele on it. I used it to make the photo above of the bell tower with the stormy sky behind it. The 300 has been an amazing lens for me since I picked it up late last year. It is light which makes it easy to carry when I am on the move. It also makes great images as well. It is sharp and my cameras can handle the loss of a stop over the f/2.8 lens.

Ending the Night With a Comedy Show

The day of giving events ended with a free comedy show at the Elliott Hall of Music featuring Saturday Night Live cast member Vanessa Bayer. I don’t normally get to shoot shows in Elliot so it was nice to be able to show off this great venue a little. This was a great way to end the day of giving. The students and faculty could have a few laughs and enjoy themselves. About ten years ago Purdue used to bring in a good comedian at the beginning of every year. I saw some really good acts as those shows were happening. For some reason that all ended. I hope that they bring that back this coming year. I will leave you today with one more image that I made of SNL writer Anna Drezen opening up for Vanessa Bayer. I like the way that this shows what comedy really is. One person in the spotlight trying to make a group of strangers laugh.


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