Good Light at the Golden Gate

A Golden Morning at the Golden Gate Bridge

Still to this day one of the best morning shoots I have ever been on was my morning at the Golden Gate Bridge. Part of that reason is that on the West Coast you can look like a hero getting up super early when it is really like 8:00 in the morning your time. My mornings in Ocean City feel like they are early in the morning. This one did not. Another reason is the amazing views I had that morning. This view of the city of San Francisco with the Golden Gate bridge in the foreground is fantastic. I could just sit and watch this all day in person. At the time I was just happy to be using my Canon 60D with my brand new Canon 24-70mm lens. It just could not get much better than that morning.

Growing As A Photographer

When I made this image I was in my heavy HDR phase. No shadows or haze in my photos. At the time I loved it, but as most photographers do you grow and find a style that is yours. What makes the photo above is the fact that shadow and haze play a part in it. In a two dimensional medium the haze helps convert the depth of the photo. I like to visit new places and see new things, but occasionally I want to go back and visit old photos again. This is one I would love to revisit.

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