Ball State Baseball Takes on Indiana at Victory Field

Back at Victory Field Once Again

My last time shooting at Victory Field was not a pleasant experience. In fact when we made a family trip to the stadium later in the year I was sort of against it because that feeling was still there. Enough time has passed that I was really looking forward to photographing Ball State in their game against Indiana. I got to the game extra early to photograph some of the pregame. I am glad that I did as I was able to make some of my favorite photos before the game started. The photo above was one that I was sitting on for a little while. I positioned myself so that the Ball State name was behind the shortstop during the in and out drill, but something always kept getting in the way, or the play was not right. Because I am stubborn I stayed on it, and I finally made my photo.

Safe at Home!

In the ninth inning Ball State made a great comeback to tie the game and send it into extra innings. A clutch hit and some good base running allowed the tying run above to score. I think that this would have been an okay photo normally, but the hair and the flying helmet really make it for me. Earlier in the game I was on the wrong side of the field for a great defensive play at the plate. Egress in between photo wells keeps me from playing hunches. Here I lucked out to be in the right position to make the shot.


Baseball is Fun

I love capturing the little moments that make baseball the sport that it is. Here before the game Charlie messes around with one of the players. These little moments really make my job fun. They are worth getting to the park a little early to photograph. As the summer goes on all of the action starts to look the same. The thing that keeps you fresh and having fun is the little moments.

The Return of Chuck

Last week I talked about Chuck the good luck charm for Ball State. Since he has come around losing has been a rarity for the team. It is funny how something little can change the mentality of a team and get them going. Baseball is a game of inches, and just a little edge can push a team over the top. It was good to meet Chuck again, and I look forward to seeing him again at Indiana State. It was also interesting to see Chuck meet Charlie the actual mascot for Ball State for the first time.

Beautiful Victory Field

I can’t write a post about the game without talking about Victory Field. It really is a great ballpark to shoot in. There are some bad things about the park (don’t get me started with the snail like internet), but for the most part this park is only about the positives. When the fans are in the stands it makes for some nice photos. During a big game like this one I pulled back a lot more to show the scope of the game. Last week I was all about getting tight action shots of the players. For this big game I wanted to show more of the scene.

The Walk Off

The team you are covering does not always win the game. Even the best teams in baseball lose games. When I am working for a school and the other team does something like walk it off I find myself photographing the walk off. No team wants photos of players with their heads down so I make the jubilation photo. I made a couple of frames of the celebration, and made my way up into the press box to start editing. It only takes a couple of seconds to make the photo so why not do it? I don’t know if I would ever use the photo, but it is a nice moment.

More Photos From the Game

You can see my gallery from the game on the Ball State Athletics site here. I have one game left with the team in May down at Indiana State. So far everyone at Ball State has been great to me, and that has made this very fun. I hope that the fun shows in my photos. When you are enjoying yourself it is hard to call it work.


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