The Man In The Mill

The Keeper of the Bridgeton Mill

Lately when I have been heading to Indiana State I pick one spot to stop at to make a couple of photos along the way. The covered bridges of Parke County are an easy target, but most of them I think I would want to photograph in the fall. Bridgeton was one bridge that I think would photograph well any time of year. I would love to get it in the fall and winter as well, but there are views of it and the mill that don’t need any help to make a good photo. My first stop after I parked was the old mill. The two gentlemen inside were super nice giving me some insight into the mill, and one near me in Lafayette. I had been to the Lafayette mill before, but this was a good reminder to go back. I have many photos from that trip to share with you, but for now I wanted to share this one that I really liked.

A Gift From the Photography Gods

This photo was an absolute gift. I went into the mill to see what it was all about, and to see if it had a view of the covered bridge. While talking to the father and son who run the mill I couldn’t stop checking out the light on the father. It was Joel Grimes rim light if I had set it up myself. Add the flags in the foreground and the rustic elements around the photo, and I had something really special here. As he was putting the flour labels on his bags I snapped off a couple of frames. Moments like this are why I love to travel. You have a few photos in mind along the way, but the unexpected ones really floor you. You have a situation right in front of you, and all that you have to do is to push the shutter button. In the past I would have tried to use HDR to see the bridge outside the window. I have a series to do that with, but this first frame that I made with this in mind was the right choice.

More From Bridgeton

This was a successful trip to Indiana State. I made a few photos that I liked from the game which was the primary goal of the day. Along the way there I made some photos of a couple of covered bridges along with the town of Bridgeton. With the busy weekend coming up I would guess that my posts with those photos will trickle out over the next couple of weeks. All of the photos will be in the photos of the week Exposure page that will come out sometime Sunday night. I had a great time making the photos, and I can’t wait to share some of the behind the scenes stories with you.

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