Purdue Defeats Illinois to Start Big Ten Series

Purdue Jumps Out on Illinois to Take the Opening Game of the Series

I have not seen Illinois play Purdue in quite a long time. In fact it was 2012 during the Big Ten Championship season for the Boilers. They finally made their first trip to Alexander Field this week. The Big Ten schedule is a weird one where you don’t see teams for a long time. Ohio State was the first team to make the trip to Alexander in 2013. Right now things are how they should be with Illinois having a losing record in Alexander. That is because of a good start by the Boilers. The first two innings were very eventful even if only three runs were scored between the two teams. Tanner Andrews really battled it out to keep the Purdue lead. Both teams had chances, and Purdue was getting the hits early. They now look to win the series tomorrow night on Alumni day.

A Long Time Coming

This was the first game that I have shot for the Boilers at Alexander field since 2014. It has been a long time between jobs there. It was nice to get back out there to make pictures for the team. I realize that this would be a one off deal so I tried to make photos that the team doesn’t have. That is hard in a game like baseball where your spots to shoot can be limited. The galleries that the team gets throughout the year are very good so that is a high bar to try to achieve. I think that I put a good gallery together yesterday, and it was fun doing it. 

A Little Splash

One of my favorite photos of the day was this one of a bunt right down the third base line. The splash of chalk really makes it a special one to me. Early in the game I was really going for a different angle than even I have this season so far. I think that low angle really helped this photo. It was a stroke of luck being there at the right time, but I will take that luck.

More Photos From the Game

You can view my Exposure page from the game here. It was a fun game to photograph, and for some reason the photos seemed to be going my way. It is always fun to contribute to the Purdue Sports Exposure page. It is the first of a couple galleries that I will add this weekend. This is a different Boiler team than I am used to seeing. They are scrappy, and they don’t let up. They have a real shot to make the Big Ten Tournament this year, and once in the tournament anything can happen.

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