The Bridgeton Mill and Covered Bridge

The Bridgeton Mill and Covered Bridge

It is not a short trip to Indiana State for me. I have regularly made the two hour drive for a while now. The route that I normally take is pretty boring as it is on major roads. When I have a little extra time I like to take a different route to see something interesting. One stop that looked cool on paper was the Bridgeton mill and covered bridge. I had the idea of photographing both of these interesting structures and it would give me two separate blog posts. When you post a photo a day you need to have some photos in reserve for a rainy day. As I started editing these photos I quickly realized that you could not show one without the other. They are intertwined. I picked this site for a spring visit because I thought that they would be interesting at any time. I would like to re-visit the site during all of the seasons as it is a great one to see.

From the Mill Looking to the Bridge

One of the unexpected things of the day was the way I would see the bridge from the mill. The mill was not supposed to be open the day that I visited it. Even if it had been open the hours have a definite start time until tired. There is no real guarantee that you can visit the mill. I loved this view out of the window looking to the bridge. You get a look at this amazing bridge with a little sample of the mill.

From the Bridge to the Mill

After making the above photo I knew that I wanted to do the exact opposite. I wanted to look back at the mill through the bridge. This is something that in my early days I would not have done. I would have made the photo at the top of the post and moved on to the next subject. Part of the fun of photography though is working a scene to find the unexpected photo. A little extra time here made it a memorable trip.

The Man In The Mill

You have seen this photo before. This was a moment that I could not resist. The light was fantastic as was the subject. I shot first and asked later because I wanted the scene to not be posed. It was perfect the way that it was. You can read more about this photo here. It is one of my favorite shots of the year so far. A lot was right in the scene, and I just had to stumble in to see it.

Inside the Bridge

One thing that really draws me to these bridges is how similar they are to the old barns that I love to photograph. Looking through the bridge on the scene I knew that I had a great black and white image in front of me. The whites and the blacks would play very nicely together here, and the end of the bridge would fade into a beautiful white adding a little mystery as to where it would lead.

Having Fun in Parke County

As I said above I really love old barns and now you can add the older bridges to that list. Driving through Parke County you get a healthy dose of both of these. It is a great way to make a bunch of photos that I love. I will have more on Parke County as the year goes on I am sure. This is a great place to visit, and right now when it is out of season so to speak you kind of have the place to yourself.

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