Purdue Wins a Back and Forth Game Against Indiana State

Purdue Rallies to Top Indiana State

Last night I was in Terre Haute to see my two favorite teams play. This is the second time that Indiana State and Purdue have faced off in baseball. Both teams won on the road. This was a game that was back and forth. Early on it looked like Purdue had something going. A lead off dinger will do that for you. Indiana State then sprinted out to a 7-2 lead. Purdue used some good base running and a couple of errors to take the 10-7 lead that would hold up as the final. In a way this was the perfect game for me as I had moments for both teams because of the way that it went.

A Trip to Upload

Unless it is a tournament I never upload images during a baseball game. Part of the nature of the game is that anything can happen at any time. After Tony Rosselli hit his three run homer to put Indiana State up 7-2 I ran upstairs to transmit some images. Indiana State was leaving for Dallas as soon as the game ended so I wanted some images ready to go right after the game. At that point everything looked to be going the Sycamores way. Of course that was not how it was going to go, and very quickly Purdue grabbed that momentum. After a couple of runs suddenly their bench came alive and it was a new game. The victory pics I had ready to transmit would not be viewed the same now.

Not Playing Favorites

I have shot against Purdue so much now in various sports that I have kind of learned to separate myself from the team. That has sort of hurt my fandom as I find that I keep that separation up at times. It is good to not be too big of a fan while shooting. The game where Purdue clinched the Big Ten title in basketball this year was an exception. I was cheering pretty hard for the Boilers that day. They say there is no cheering on the baseline so I decided pregame to sit on the side of the court so that wouldn’t be a problem. Last night was weird as I really pulled myself away from caring about who won or lost. I just wanted to make good images.

A Picture Perfect Day

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a ballgame. The temperature was just about right, and the sun made it easy to make good photos during the early innings. This is the time of year when baseball up north is about perfect. As the sun goes down the temperature does not drop as quickly so it really is a pleasing day all around. I thought a photo right before the sun was gone from the batters box would be perfect last night. As it turned out the clouds disappeared after this so it was great timing. Had they stayed I think the sunset could have been a great one, but you can’t have everything. I will take the great weather and baseball.

What is Next?

As far as Purdue goes what is next is easy. I shoot their baseball game tomorrow night. I have not shot for Purdue at home since 2014 so I am pretty excited about that game. I have been since I booked the gig a while back. This whole weekend in fact is pretty Purdue sports heavy. My next Indiana State event looks like it will be softball senior day a week from Sunday. I love the emotion of senior day so it is pretty easy to book me for those.

Bonus Photos

I had so much fun yesterday I thought that I would share a couple of extra photos from the game.


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