Ball State Baseball Takes on Purdue

Ball State Comes to Town to Face Purdue

Last night I was at Alexander Field to cover Ball State as they take on Purdue. This is the first of three times that I will cover the Cardinals this season. The highlight of those games will be their contest against Indiana at Victory Field next week. There are some personalities on this club that will be fun to watch over the course of those three games. This was a good first look at the club.

The Beautiful Light

Great light is not something that you have all of the time. As the days get longer the light is also not as good for longer periods of time. When good light comes your way you have to have some fun with it. Above you can see some of the light streaming onto the field. For a couple of innings just the pitcher and the infielders were in the light. This creates some opportunities to have a little fun. I was not shooting for Purdue, but the chance to play with some light is always a good thing.

A Beautiful Night

Last night was a perfect night for baseball. Even as the extra baseball kicked in it was still gorgeous. In the top of the ninth I was taking some time between pitches to try to make a panoramic of the scene in front of me. It was just beautiful, and I wanted to show it all in one photo. The photo above is the result of nine photos stitched together. At first I wanted to make a pano with three photos, but then I realized how much more sky I could include if I titled my camera into portrait mode and shot that way. It was more work, and once again Lightroom did not know what to do with it. Photoshop luckily did know what to do with it, and it did a great job.

Extra Baseball With the MAC Yet Again

For some reason when I am involved with the MAC we go to extra innings. Last year it was the 15 inning game between Ohio and Purdue. This game looked to be over a couple of times before the 12th inning, but great plays kept it alive. Finally in the twelfth red hot Sean Kennedy hit yet another home run, and that was the difference in the game. This was an exciting game with plenty of moments that could have broken it open. People who say that baseball isn’t exciting are not watching the right thing.

The Lucky Cardinal

Before the game I always find out if there is anything special that I need to know about from the SID that I am shooting for. Normally the SID just looks at me like I am crazy and just says to shoot the game. This game is the reason why I ask the question. I found out about this wooden cardinal that sits in the dugout with the team. Ever since it joined the team Ball State has not lost a game. The players rub its head, and it has a spot on the rail just like a player. The great thing about baseball is that you can never tell what will spark a team. I laughed when I saw this prior to the game. It looked so silly sitting there. Then I saw just how much it made the players believe and it wasn’t so silly anymore. I look forward to seeing it again at Victory Field in just under a week.

An Interesting Week

This week I will photograph two Purdue games in two cities in two days. The weird part is that neither of those games will be shot for the Boilermakers. I have not shot a game for Purdue in Alexander Field since 2014. That is hard to believe. That will all end Friday night though as I will photograph Purdue as they take on Illinois. No matter what I get a chance to see Purdue play three times this week. It has been a long time since I was able to say that.

A Familiar Scene

Last Tuesday I photographed the new Indiana State football coach Curt Mallory throwing out the first pitch before the Indiana State baseball game. I remarked at the time how similar it was at both schools as the optimism was high with two quality coaches starting their tenures at each school. This week I was able to photograph Jeff Brohm as he threw out the first pitch for Purdue. Right now it is kind of fun to compare both programs as they get ready for next season. They both start off with a great opponent in a cool stadium and a night game with their first two games. I think that for Indiana State week one will tell a lot for them. The opposite is true for Purdue. They have a  tough task ahead of them in week one. The roles will be reversed in week two though. No matter what it will be fun to see how these teams perform for their new coaches.

Some New Presets

I don’t usually use crazy presets for clients. Today though I was left with a little time on my hands as my little one was sick so I made a couple of new presets that had more of a film feel to them. I don’t think that they emulate any specific kind of film, but they remind me of it. That is all that really matters. You have seen a couple of them used in this post already, and one more up above this paragraph for good measure. I won’t turn in any of these photos to Ball State, but for me they add something different to them. What do you think about the new presets? I am eager to try them on some landscape and drone photos. I really like to crunch up my photos, and this was a way to change that up a bit. Most of this was inspired by the photos of Minnesota Twins photographer Brace Hemmelgarn. He posted some beautiful shots from the game the other day with a little different look to them. In fact one of the new presets is called Brace because it is what I came up with when trying to emulate the look. That little exercise spiraled into staying up way too late making a few new presets for myself. We will see if this is a passing fad, or if I continue to use them.


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