Over The Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

A Flight Over the Chicago Lighthouse

Yesterday I woke up and made my way over to Navy Pier with an idea in mind. I wanted a shot from the end of Navy Pier with the city of Chicago rising up in the background. As I was scouting it out the day before though I saw this great lighthouse just off of Navy Pier. Suddenly my plan changed a little bit. I wanted to try a couple of things with the lighthouse as well. When I flew out over the lake my first stop was the lighthouse. I have always liked lighthouses. Our old condo in Ocean City had photos and paintings all over the place of lighthouses. My friend Trevor Mahlmann is currently photographing all of the lighthouses around Lake Michigan. You can see some of his photos here. Just follow the links back to view his first trip. It was fun after watching him out having fun to get to have some myself.

When A Negative Becomes a Positive

As I was flying up to the lighthouse a fishing boat was coming around it. I was hoping that they were just passing through, but they appeared to drop anchor. I didn’t want to try my idea of being down low near the lighthouse as it would have been pretty close to them. As I went over the top for the shot above I did so thinking that I could just use content aware to get rid of the boat. By the time I was over the top I realized that I wouldn’t have to. The boat actually would make the shot. It would put something into the void that would add to the picture. I didn’t get the shot I was thinking of flying out to the lighthouse, but I did get something much better.

Flying on Facebook Live

Above I have embedded my video from yesterday as I flew around the Chicago Harbor with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. If you go to my Facebook page here you can see the photos that I made pop up in the comments as I make them in the video. I like sharing the fun that I am having with my friends and family as it happens, and after the fact I like to show what I was making as I was making it. So far I have only done Facebook live from my quadcopter. I never thought I would be someone who would use Facebook live, but as I said it is a cool way to share what you are doing with those interested.

The Week In Photos

This past week was a fun one. I was able to photograph some sports, but also get some photography in the city. I love Chicago, and every stay seems too short. Here on my Exposure page is a collection of my favorite photos from last week. This coming week is far from scripted at this point, but if it goes the way that I think it will I will have a lot of sports to cover.


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