West Lafayette Baseball Opens Their Season

Heading to Bob Friend Field Again to See the West Lafayette Red Devils

Last night the rains came just as the West Lafayette baseball game was about to begin. That was a bad thing for many people, but it was a good thing for me as it gave me some time to head over to the stadium. I live in the same neighborhood that the stadium is in, but I could not get there until around 7. With the normal start that would have meant little to no baseball for me to see last night. The rain allowed me to see about half of the game which was a good thing. After watching bits of Opening Day games all day it was nice to get to see some baseball in person. Baseball is always better in person.

Getting the Timing Back

Baseball players get practice and spring training to get their timing back. With the weather the way that it is here I don’t get that luxury. By the time the college and pro teams head north they have a huge head start on me. I need to get my timing back quickly. It really does not seem like it is there yet. I just feel a little slow getting to plays. As the season goes on that will change. I have another chance to shoot baseball tonight. Every shoot is a chance to get better, and that is even more true early in the season.

Photos, Get Your Photos

This was more of an exercise for me than anything else. I just wanted to get out and get some baseball under my belt. I am not a greedy person. Here is a link to the photos that I made from the game. They are unlocked and if you want to use them for your profile picture or for the wall they are free for you. Just click the download button at the bottom of the photo. All I ask is that if you share on social media that you tag me. The shopping cart is there as well if you care to purchase any of the photos.

The Week Ahead

This week as with most weeks in early April depend heavily on the weather. Indiana State comes to West Lafayette tonight to play Purdue. Tomorrow the weather does not look so good, but if it clears I will be in Indy to see the Indiana State softball team take on Butler. This year I am back contributing to MiLB.com again so the weekend has some possibilities to it. I don’t know how much I will shoot for MiLB this year, but there are a few games on my radar for sure.

The Week In Photos

Last week I shot very little as far as sports goes. I shot one softball game, and that was it. This coming week has a lot of possibilities in it. Last week was pretty much dominated by drone shots for me. I am still creating something everyday which is important. Not all of that gets shared though so a couple of days of flying my drone pretty much makes up this post. It is a fun one though if you want to click here to see me favorite photos from last week.


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