A View From The Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

An Amazing View At The Chicago Harbor Lighthouse

A few years ago while visiting Chicago I had an idea for a photo. I had seen this lighthouse from many angles, but I wondered what it would look like from the air. I made one of my favorite photos ever of it on this trip (you can see that photo here), but this view has always intrigued me. The weather did not quite cooperate with me on this trip so I didn’t quite have the sky that I wanted, but when I converted it to black and white I found that I really liked the photo. It is hard to believe that it has been over five years since I made this photo. This drone has long since been sold, but for a while it helped me see the world a little differently.

Going Back To Check Out Old Photos

I really try to keep this blog moving forward. From day one it was a photo 365 blog so it required a new photo a day. I like the more relaxed nature of it now because I don’t have to go out and make a photo every day. I still try to, but if it doesn’t work out there is no pressure. I do like going back to fun photo sessions though because I have learned some things over the years, and it is always fun to find a photo that was not edited in the past and to have some fun with it. This was an example of that. I was going back through some old photos for a project and this one jumped out to me as a photo that could be brought to life. I really liked how it turned out, and you get a chance to see it now.

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