Top 17 Indiana State Women’s Basketball Photos of 2016-2017

My Favorite 17 Photos From the 2016-2017 Indiana State Women’s Basketball Season

This year I covered my first basketball games for the Indiana State women’s basketball team. I was able to do some cool things during those games that I don’t normally do. I really had a good time photographing the team because of the way that they played. They really have fun playing, and that makes for some great photos. Here are some of my favorite photos from this past season.

17. I will start the countdown with one of the first shots that I made of the team. During the National Anthem I noticed this great moment that the players were sharing. That photo has been used a few times by Indiana State since then. It was a great moment that I thought would kick off this countdown just fine.

16. One of the highlights of this season was photographing the team as they travelled to Indy to face Butler. I love shooting in Hinkle, and I don’t get many opportunities to do so. I jumped on the chance to photograph the team playing there. Here is one of the photos that I love to make there. You have some good action in the foreground with the welcome sign in the background.

15. There is something about Sycamore blue that I love to photograph. My favorite color is blue, and that shade just looks good to me in my photos. I need to get to more away games to see this jersey in person.

14. This was a shot from my first overhead remote setup. One great thing about Indiana State is that they give me the freedom to try things that I want to try. I try to reward that confidence in me with some good photos. It is a relationship that has really benefitted the both of us. I get to make some cool photos along the way as well. 

13. Here is an example of how one photo can go from great to so-so very easily. I had a good idea here, and the action was great. One player not looking interested took this photo from being near the top of this list to here. I still like the moment so it makes the countdown.

12. During one of the games this season I moved around quite a bit. The crowd was not the best, and I wanted to find some ways to take the crowd out of the background. The photos don’t have the same impact from up here though. It was a way to get something different though. I would have had her back from my normal shooting position in the first half. This might be a great place to stash a remote next season to add something different to the photo gallery.

11. I like this photo for a couple of reasons. One of them is that it shows a pretty cool play with the Hulman Center as the backdrop. The other reason that I like the photo is that the scoreboard is flashing free throw while she shoots a three pointer. For some reason that cracked me up when I saw this after the game, and kept it in my mind all of this time.

10. Wendi Bibbins shows up on this countdown quite a bit. She plays the game with a passion that is easy to capture. She fires the team up before each game, and that is fun to try and capture. Here she really is at her best before the Butler game.

9. I love the way that the background falls into darkness at the Hinkle Fieldhouse. Here during the intros you get a great look at the classic windows in the background. You also get a little bit of that Rhagen Smith smile.

8. One of the keys to this team this year was the play of Ashley Taia. She earned all MVC honors and rightfully so. When she was on the Sycamores had a great chance to win the game. Here I love the gesture as she drives to the hoop.

7. From here on out this starts to turn into the Wendi Bibbins show. She really plays the game hard, and that hair is fun to photograph. I love the intensity here as she goes for a rebound after a free throw.

6. Speaking of the intensity, here it is on full display after a big win at home. I didn’t know what to expect as I walked over to the team, but I was pleasantly surprised to capture this moment.

5. Ashley Taia stands out a bit here as she drives to the hoop at Butler. The light from directly above really makes the players look good as they look up in Hinkle.

4. I like this shot for a couple of reasons. One is the way the background fades out a bit. The second is that Wendi Bibbins is so much higher than the other players. The final reason is the moment that was captured here. The ball is just leaving her last fingertip.

3. This is here because of the hair. Let’s not play any games. I love how that how goes into a mohawk here as Wendi goes up for the bucket. Once again the ball is just leaving her hand as well.

2. I just love the backgrounds at Hinkle. Here the action came right into the middle of two banners making an already interesting photo a little more interesting to me. This was made very early in the game, and was that shot that helps me calm down because I have one good one already.

  1. Here was a moment that was unexpected, but still pretty cool. At my first game of the season I was photographing the intros when this cool moment happened. I moved just before the warmups started and I am glad that I did. It allowed me to make this photo. It is like nothing else that I captured this season so it is my favorite shot from the season.

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