Blue Hour on the Golden Campus

Blue Hour on the Campus of Purdue University

I don’t get out to photograph as many sunsets as I used to. When I do get a chance I really try and take advantage of it. Usually when I am photographing a sunset I am at a stadium of some kind. Luckily this past July I was out near the campus of Purdue, and I was able to make the most of it. I made a few photos that night from a few different angles. This was one of my favorite shots of the night. I wanted to have the blue background of the sky for sure here. What I thought I wanted initially was the blue lights on the fountain. Sometimes you out think yourself, and I think that I did that here. I saw the way that the golden lights looked, and I thought I would try one exposure. I was hooked, and I thought that it made for some interesting pictures. The lights on the fountain closely match the lights in Hovde Hall, and it makes it very easy on the eyes.

Using the Canon 1DX For Landscapes

Normally I only use my Canon 1DX for sports work. On the night we were at the fountain it was what I had with me so I made it work. The camera is a fine camera, and can totally be used for anything (the loud shutter even on silent makes weddings fun), but I would rather save my shutter actuations for sports with it. The camera is also very big and bulky making it not as ideal for walking around. This year I have found myself with it in the field a couple of times though, and it has worked out amazing for me. For the price that I paid for the camera it should.


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