Day One of the Austin City Limits Festival

Heading Down to Texas For Some Great Music

This year I have been lucky enough to have some unique opportunities to make some photos away from the sporting world. If you followed this blog early on then you know that most of my titles for my posts came from songs. Music is a huge part of my life, and a great opportunity came to head down to Austin, Texas to see the first weekend of the Austin City Limits Festival. All three days had acts that we wanted to see, and some that we didn’t know we cared about until we heard them. This was a great time that will be hard to top this year.

Using the iPhone 7 to Capture the Moments

As with most festivals the promoters outlaw dSLR cameras inside the grounds. They call all dSLR cameras ‘professional’ cameras even though we all know that there is a big difference between the models. You would think that the people in charge of the show would want good photos used to promote what they are doing, but of course we all know that what they get this way is a bunch of grainy iPhone shots. I decided to challenge myself and use my new iPhone 7 to try and capture a few moments from the festival. I wanted to really see what the two cameras on the back of the phone could do. I thought that I shot in a lot of conditions, and the phone really proved to be quite good. There were a few times where I wished that I could have my gear, but it was nice not to be loaded down for a weekend as well. If found that by making the photos right on my phone it made it much easier to get the photos out quickly. If you follow me on Instagram then you know what I am talking about. I went a little crazy posting photos this past weekend.

Highlights From Day One of the ACL Festival

Day one was really about getting the lay of the land at the festival. My wife pointed me towards some great music along the way. On day one we saw Frightened Rabbit, Jess Glynne, The Strumbellas, Foals, and Radiohead to name a few. I really liked the music and stage presence of The Strumbellas. They put on a good show, and I would see them again. I walked away from day one knowing that we were in for something special the rest of the weekend.

More Photos From Day One of the ACL Festival

Below are a few bonus photos from day one of the ACL Festival. Like I said above I was having some fun making photos with a new set of cameras in the iPhone 7. Here are a few of my favorites from day one. I have also put together my weekly Exposure post with my favorite images from last week. This is the first time in a while without a single sports photo in the post. It felt good to get out and change it up a bit this past week.

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