Biking on the Boardwalk

An Early Morning Ride on the Boardwalk

As the years go by in Ocean City I have a hard time finding new things to photograph. One thing that I had going for me this year was the fact that we were staying right on the boardwalk. We used to stay about a half an hour away from the boardwalk which made it hard to get out and just get shots in good light. Here I found an interesting subject in the beautiful early morning light on my way back from my sunrise shoot of the pier. Being close has its advantages. These rentals are all over the boardwalk early in the morning for the guests to use. The boardwalk is open to bikes until eleven in the morning so it is a good way to see a lot quickly. It really is a part of our trip, and I was glad to include it in some of my photos.

The Canon 5D Mark III

The first thing that I did when I became a little more serious about photography was to purchase the 5D Mark III. I needed a camera that would handle low light situations well. At the time the 5D Mark III was the camera to get for landscape and portraits. The Canon 5D Mark IV is out now, and it has taken over for the Mark III. The Mark III was a camera that went with me everywhere. It was my go to vacation and special moments camera. At the time of this writing it has over 172,000 shutter actuations on it. Canon rates this camera to last until 150,000 actuations, but those numbers are a little low. Numbers that I have seen online (and they have to be right because they are online) say that the shutter will likely fail around 350,000 actuations. No matter what I am in the zone where it could go at any time. Now it is semi-retired, and will likely just be used as a remote camera from here on out. It will be a really good remote camera though. Who knew in 2013 that I would still be using this camera as a remote just a few years later. I thought that it would be the last camera that I would buy. Since that time I have bought three more cameras, but with a fleet of cameras that is getting older I needed the 5D Mark IV. My other four cameras all have a shutter count of over 120,000 actuations to them. It was weird not seeing the Mark III in my bag this weekend, but it was time. It has seen many better days. A couple of falls onto concrete left the body vulnerable. I am sure that it will be up in the rafters later this season making some nice images for me.


One Reply to “Biking on the Boardwalk”

  1. Interesting words about the camera shutter count. I assume I can get that figure out of my Nikon as well??? But, not being a professional, I would assume my count will leave me a few more years at least before it’s physical time is up! Also, love th Ocean City image. We spent one summer vacation right on the boardwalk, our balcony one floor above the boards. It too was off season, like now, but it was a treasure just to watch the ocean, beach, and people right there from the balcony. M 🙂

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