Shoot For the Moon

Finding a Good Time to Photograph the Moon

The moon is always the same exposure so for the most part it really does not matter when you photograph it. I like to photograph it when it is blue hour, and it is low in the sky. It is just easier for me to do so as I don’t have to point my 400mm lens with the extender up into the sky. The lower the moon the better chance I have of getting a steady shot of it. I really need to invest in a good sturdy tripod to use on the moon. What you have to remember when photographing the moon is that it is a very bright object in the sky. If you leave your camera on an automatic setting you will not get any detail in the moon. You can read a list of ten tips for better moon photos that I made a couple of years ago here. I think that I actually like photographing the moon more when it is not full as it shows a little more contrast in the craters. A nice sky with very low humidity helped me make a nice exposure here. I need a little longer glass to get in a little closer to the moon, but for now this will do.

The Week In Photos

In case you couldn’t tell I had a fun week last week making pictures. Some of my favorites from the past week can be found here. I also put together an Exposure page from the Indiana State football game in Minnesota that I shot here. That is one of my most viewed Exposure posts of all time. It would take a big event to top the views from the Colt World Series this past year, but this one is getting there. It is not always about views, but it is nice for people to see your work as well.


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