Finding A Nice Quiet Spot

Relaxing In Minnesota

One of the fun things about traveling with Indiana State last weekend was having a little time to craft a few photos. This photo is one of those. It started with a very up close photo of the athlete hanging out on his phone. My background was the area where I am actually standing in the above photo. I realized that I had a pretty cool room here so why not use it? I found a spot where I could get most of the room in my frame, and hide most of the people in the background. It did not take long to make this photo, but a little extra thought left me with one of my favorite images from the trip. When I get in these type of situations I always want to run around and get as much as I can. On this trip I tried to slow down a bit and make sure what I got was worth my time. I might have missed some shots somewhere doing this, but in the end it was worth it.

The Week In Photos

In case you couldn’t tell I had a fun week last week making pictures. Some of my favorites from the past week can be found here. I also put together an Exposure page from the Indiana State football game in Minnesota that I shot here. That is one of my most viewed Exposure posts of all time. It would take a big event to top the views from the Colt World Series this past year, but this one is getting there. It is not always about views, but it is nice for people to see your work as well. I loved being behind the scenes for a little while. It is funny how that works. When I was in the stands all I wanted to do was to get down onto the field to shoot. Once I got on the field I just wanted better gear to capture the action there. Once I got that I wanted to get into the locker room to capture what was back there. I think that comes with time. You want to tell the entire story. I have tried to get this kind of access on road trips in the past, but for whatever reason it has just never happened. I loved having one cohesive story to show. I don’t know when I will get to do this again, but I look forward to the opportunity.

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