Sunset at the Belmont Towers

Planning the Next Trip to Ocean City

Last night over dinner we were talking about out next trip to Ocean City next summer. I was a bit skeptical in 2012 about heading out to Ocean City. It seemed like a tourist trap to me, and I used to avoid those at all costs. The kids enjoy it so much though that I don’t mind that aspect of it. In fact I have fun making photos each year that we go. Next year will be the sixth year that I will vacation in Ocean City. It will be fun to head back and try and make some photos that I have not made yet. Of course I will probably find my way to the pier at sunrise to make a photo there for the sixth year as well.

Sunset From the Top Floor

This past year I was down on the fourth floor making some photos of the sunset from the pool area. There was nobody in the pool and no sign saying that you should not be there. In the back of my camera I saw a security guard walking up on me. I thought he was going to ask me to leave the pool area. Instead though we talked photography for a bit, and he told about a way that I could get up on the top floor to make a photo from up there. It was from the spot where he told me to go that I made the photo that you see above. It was a great place to get some of the hotel in the shot as well as part of the city. In the background you can also see the Isle of Wight Bay glowing orange as well. This was a view that I really liked, and I would like to try some other angles up there sometime.


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