Photographing the Purdue Engineering Fountain

Photographing the Class of ’39 Water Sculpture

About a week ago I was out and about on campus with my friend Trevor Mahlmann photographing some of the landmarks with some good light. Trevor was in town to photograph a wedding with me so we decided to have some fun on campus. We made many shots of the fountain, and Trevor had an idea for one more. I saw something that I liked so I set up for it waiting for him to complete his shot. As I waited I noticed that he was not moving very much. I was set up to make a 30 second exposure so I pressed the shutter button to see if it would work. It gave me a pretty unique photo of Trevor lining up his shot. After seeing this shot I had the idea to run through the photo with my flash hitting Trevor a few times. I think it would have been cool, but I don’t know how happy he would have been with me ruining his photo. He did end up with a cool photo that you can read more about here. It has really amazed me just how far Trevor has come in such a short time. For a young man he is already has been published far more than I have. He has a real passion for photography that really is inspiring to be around. Looking at his pictures inspires me to go out and create. It will be fun to see just how much he has accomplished by the time his time at Purdue is over.

The Week in Photos

Each week I take a few of my favorite shots from the past week and place them on one Exposure page. I like to take a quick look back to see what I have done. It kind of helps me as I keep striving to get better and better. The past few weeks have been a bit different as they have not had any sports photos in them. Two straight four day tournaments combined with my schedule filling with other events have led to a mini sports draught. That will change next week, but for now enjoy some photos of things other than sports. You can view this weeks Exposure page here.


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