Fireworks over Lafayette

Fireworks over Lafayette

Watching the Tippecanoe County Fireworks Display over Lafayette, Indiana

This year I wanted to try something new for the annual fireworks display between the cities of West Lafayette and Lafayette, Indiana. Last year the fireworks were moved forcing me to find a new spot. This year I wanted to do something different. I had an idea that might work, but I needed to see if I would have a vantage point. I went to a very old photo that I made from the top of the Levee parking garage about four years ago to see. If I could see the Krannert parking garage then I would be in business. I could see the garage so that meant that I would have a shot of the fireworks over the city of Lafayette. I had something in mind, but would it work? Of course when I pulled up to the garage well over an hour before the fireworks it was already pretty crowded. The spot I thought that I ‘found’ was in fact a spot already with several photographers on it. I still set up my tripod to come up with an image.

While I was waiting for the fireworks to start I was making photos of the smaller fireworks all around the scene. Just after dark  pocket of really good fireworks were seen behind the courthouse, and they would be in my photo. I knew that the first couple of bursts from the main fireworks would be my chance for the best photos. I wanted as many bursts in the photos as I could get. The shot above was of the first couple of bursts that lit up the sky. I was able to make the photo that I had in mind right off the bat. That is good as the smoke from previous fireworks would not show up in this photo as it was the first couple of bursts. Now that I have my photo from here I need to think of a new spot next year. Of course that one will probably have several tripods at it as well.

Finally Able to Photograph Some Fireworks

This year I have been able to photograph more fireworks than I normally have been able to. The year started off with the New Year’s Eve display at Disney World. That was all handheld because it was a family trip, but I was still able to make some fireworks shots that I liked. I also shot some fireworks handheld at an Indy Indians game earlier this season. I had a plan to be out across the street in the parking garage waiting for the fireworks, but an extra inning game kept me in the stadium too long. I could only get out there with my camera in time for the display. The last few days were the first days that I was able to get out with my camera and tripod to photograph fireworks this year, and I had a blast doing it. I may have a couple more sessions ahead of me this year. I have a couple more ideas to try.


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