Fireworks Over Lake Freeman

The Night Sky Lights Up With Fireworks Over Lake Freeman

A couple of nights ago we went up to stay with family on Lake Freeman for the night to watch the fireworks. The weather was not good leading up to the show so we stayed at the house instead of going out onto the lake to watch them. I had an idea before the fireworks started to make a shot where the fireworks filled the sky. Little did I know that the residents of Lake Freeman would do that for me. On the far left of the photo is one of the bursts from the large official lake display. The shot on the far right was part of a grouping of fireworks that I think must have come from one powerful box. The middle display was a single shot mortar. I love it when things turn out right for a picture. I got the shot that I wanted without having to do crazy things.

Setting Up To Get the Shot

A couple of days ago I updated my post on how to shoot fireworks. It was ten tips that make shooting the explosions a little easier. Some things though you have to play by ear. I had a shot lined up the way that I wanted it when the house on the far left of the picture above started shooting their fireworks off. I moved my camera over to compose the shot this way to get all three bursts in the frame. I also changed my camera settings to allow for my shutter to be open longer to make it easier to get multiple bursts in the shot. I wanted it to be open for around 30 seconds, but what I found was that I could wait until all three bursts happened and then close the shutter. This was a fun experiment that helped make a gloomy night when the fireworks were not so great look like it was a great night.


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