Photographing a Wedding at St. Peter’s Church in LaPorte, Indiana

Photographing a Wedding at St. Peter’s Church

This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at St. Peter’s Church in LaPorte. As a kid growing up this was the place where the big events happened. I was confirmed at St. Pete’s in 8th grade. I came back early from Ocean City to photograph Chuck and Natalie walking down the aisle. I have had the pleasure of photographing the family in the past, but this was the biggest day yet. I do not take on many weddings during the year. I put way too much pressure on myself to get the moments. If I miss a play during a sporting event I have come to realize that it happens. During a wedding you cannot miss the moments. They will never be repeated. I really stress wedding days, and I usually only take them on for special occasions. This was one of those. I was really looking forward to photographing St. Pete’s. The last time I was in the church was probably my confirmation so I was not looking at the church with the photographers eye at the time. Most churches are not very well lit, and this was one of them. It really took all of what my Canon 1DX could give me to capture the motion without blur.

Setting Up the Overhead Remote

One shot that I wanted to use for the wedding was a wide shot showing the entire scene. This is a great looking church, and I wanted to show that. The photo at the top of the post was made from the choir loft with a familiar pairing for me. Because it was such a wide shot I did not need to freeze the action as much as I would with my 70-200mm lens up close. I chose my Canon 60D with the Tamron 10-20mm lens on it for the shot. This was my first wide angle pairing, and I made some very good pictures with it. Now though it sits on the shelf until a situation like this arises. I have faith in the combo though as it has made some beautiful pictures in the past. I cannot wait to use it at St. Mary’s here in Lafayette this weekend.

St. Peter’s Church Bonus Photos

Here are a few extra shots from the church that I liked from last weekend.


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