Sunrise Under the Ocean City Pier

The Sun Rises Under the Ocean City Pier

Each year that I visit Ocean City I make a point to spend at least one morning at the Ocean City Pier waiting for the sun to rise. I love being on the beach before the first light breaks listening to the waves. When the sun does start to come up the color slowly starts to spread across the sky. I love how the golden light seems to be just mostly under the pier here while the cool sky stays on the other side of the pier. I have made many images of the pier over the years, but this is one of my favorites. Looking at it I want to go and get my feet wet in the ocean again.

Beauty is Everywhere

Have you been watching Beauty is Everywhere on Netflix? These Bob Ross painting shows started off as a joke for me to watch. Anyone my age who watched Bob as a kid has some form of Bob Ross impersonation. We talk about his ‘happy trees’ because he included them so much in his work. The series has kind of become an inspiration to me though. In 30 minutes Bob took a blank canvas and made something very interesting out of it. At some point it would be great if Netflix would also put up all of the Joy of Painting episodes. I need a few more “happy little trees” in my life.

Life Without Sports

I have not made a sports photo since I came back from Nashville last month. It has been nice to step back and find some other subjects to photograph. At some point though the floodgates will open back up, and this blog will be filled with sports photos again. For now though it has been a treat to go out and find other things of interest to photograph. The month of July starts off with another big wedding, and then the sports can start up again. Once August rolls around this blog will be filled with sports for the next few months so enjoy these few days without athletics on the site.


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