Top 10 Photos of the Purdue Baseball Season

My Favorite 10 Photos From the 2016 Purdue Baseball Season

This year I was finally able to shoot for the Boiler baseball team again for the team. In 2014 I shot nearly all of their games, but did not shoot a single game for them in 2015. It was nice to get out and see the players again. I am sure if you read this blog then are tired of me saying that this senior class was the group that I started shooting with. In 2013 I was given a pass to shoot the team playing in the new stadium. They were the group that were part of many of my first successful baseball photos. I am shooting the first round of the NCAA baseball tournament for a couple of teams this weekend, and those photos in my portfolio help me get those jobs. I tried to get to as many games during their senior season as I could. They were a great group to photograph, and many of them appear in this countdown of my favorite ten images from the season. Here they are:

10. We start the countdown with a blue hour shot of Alexander Field. Alexander is a great field, and it looks even better in good light. Here against Louisville early in the home season the light was just right for an interesting photo.

9. Justin Gubser became a player to watch for me as I watched him interact with the people throwing out the first pitch in Kokomo over the three days I was there with the team. He was great with them, and really made them feel special. That extra attention is something that you don’t see all of the time, and it was appreciated by everyone involved. I was happy to see him get into games and contribute throughout the season. Here he slides hard into second base safely. His hard slide caused the Nebraska fielder to get out of the way too early, and give Purdue a good scoring chance.

8. Cody Strong was one of the seniors that I will miss photographing. He seemed to be the guy that could get dirty on a play no matter what. Even here in Kokomo on field turf he would find a way to get dirty helping his team. He is the kind of hard nosed player that you need on your team.

7. Here Nick Dalesandro makes a diving catch out in left field in Kokomo. Nick played left very fine during that series, but it would be behind the plate that he would make his mark this season. At first I did not like photographing baseball on field turf. At times like this though the toe drag is exaggerated by the pebbles flying up, and I think it adds to the photo.

6. Kyle Johnson is another senior that was fun to photograph. His long stride made him look good in nearly any photo. Here he tries to leg out a hit in Kokomo. He was a smooth ballplayer that was a key contributor for Purdue all four of his years. He will be hard to replace in center field next season.

5. Senior Brett Carlson celebrates a home run against Indiana State during a weeknight game at Alexander Field. Purdue surged out to a 4-0 lead against the Sycamores that night. I had to leave the game to edit photos from another game so I can only assume that Purdue won that game. I guess I will never know what happened.

Jack Picchiotti

4. Over the course of his career I have made some photos that I really like of senior Jack Picchiotti. On senior weekend I was able to make one more. As he was warming up in left field this shaft of sunlight was shining on his upper body. With the dark background I knew that it would be a cool photo. This was the last action photo that I made of Jack.

3. In Kokomo I noticed this concrete wall as senior Gavin Downs was warming up in the bullpen. It looked like a backdrop, and I thought that I could do something cool with it. I knew that I would be converting to black and white to give it the look that I thought it might have. In the end I liked the result of the photo. It looks like I had Gavin in the studio to pose for me.

2. In Kokomo Purdue was battling with the Ohio Bobcats. They took the game on a walk off suicide bunt with two outs in the 15th inning. The bench exploded, and the players mobbed the hero Alec Olund on the field. Here I captured a moment as they dog piled on Alec. I thought that this would be the top photo of the year for much of the year. It was a great moment that was the best that I had seen during the season. A late season announcement would change that though.

  1. The top moment of the season for me had to be this one on the last day of the season. Earlier in the weekend Coach Doug Schreiber announced that he was stepping down as the head coach of Purdue. After he traded lineups at home plate his players past and present were waiting to give him a hug. It was a great moment that showed just how loved Coach Schreiber was. That game was the end of an era for Purdue baseball, and I was glad to be there to witness it.

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