UCSB Defeats Washington in 14 Innings

The Nashville Regional Opens Up With a Great 14 Inning Game

Yesterday I was at Hawkins Field photographing for the Washington Huskies as they played UCSB to open the Nashville regional of the NCAA baseball tournament. Early on you could tell that it was going to be a good game, but I had no idea just how good it would be. Both teams battled for fourteen innings before a walk off home run brought home the win for UCSB. At times it looked like both teams had an advantage, but as baseball does things evened out. In the end the Huskies were defeated, but they get another chance tomorrow to get a win in this tournament. At the time that I am writing this we are in a rain delay for the nightcap so the opponent for Washington is not yet known.

Shooting at Hawkins Field

When I knew that I was coming to Nashville for this tournament I looked up some photos of Hawkins Field online. Right away I saw some unique features that I knew that I wanted to incorporate into some of my photos. In left field there is a big wall that reminded me of the green monster in Fenway. It only came into play a couple of times during the first game, but I did try and get it in some of my backgrounds. I also love how the football stadium looms over the third base side. Before I leave Nashville I want to try and get up into the football stands to shoot down onto the field. This is definitely a unique field that I am happy that I was able to photograph in.

Bonus Photos

Since I am waiting out a rain delay I thought that I would include a few extra photos from game one that I liked.


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