Top 10 Photos of the Purdue Softball Season

My Favorite 10 Images From the 2016 Purdue Softball Season

This year was not a good year to photograph softball for me. Last year I photographed a lot of regular season softball, and then some of the NCAA tournament. This year it just never really worked for my schedule. I love the pace and intensity that college softball is played at. I wish that I could have gotten out more to photograph it. Sometimes though things just work out so that you cannot do what you want to do. Next season I would like to photograph more softball for sure. I will make a point to go out and do it. Looking back through my photos from the season I noticed that the emotional moments were the ones that I liked the best. It seems like there are plenty of those to go around during a game. That is what keeps me coming back to the ballpark. Instead of talking about what could have been let’s look at what was from last season. Here are ten of my favorite images from last season.

10. We will start the countdown off with a bat on ball shot. Most of the time I don’t like how these shots look. The players face is rarely seen from the side at the moment of contact. I usually like to shoot the player during the follow through when I can see there face. Here the player was a little out in front of the pitch so the shot worked well for me.

9. I love this moment between the player and the coach. These are the moments between the moments that make showing up to the park worthwhile. Here a few words of encouragement can make for a nice photo.

8. Making a shot of a player fielding the ball is easy during warm ups. It takes a little planning and luck during the game. Here things worked out for me as the ball was hit to third base. I was guessing that it would be so I was ready to make the photo. A little luck never hurts anyone. You have to be ready when the luck finds you though.

7. One shot that I like is the shot of the player running down the first base line. Here you can see the strain as she tries to beat out the throw to first. Both feet in the air with the shadow underneath makes this one of my favorite running photos of the season.

6. Emotion rules during a softball game. That is what makes it so fun to shoot. Here a Boiler player celebrates the final out of the game. A little hop and a yell make for a good photo.

5. Here at number five we have the player racing home to score what would be the winning run of the game. Once again I like that the runner has both feet off of the ground. I also love the bench exploding in the background.

4. This is a shot that took me nearly a year to make. During a game in 2015 I was approached by one of the coaches about making this photo if the team won. They did not that day, and it was nearly a year later before I was at a game that they won at home. That is nothing on the team as I was just not able to make it to the park very much. I love the fans celebrating with the team here.

3. With the light on my side I actually moved out onto the field a little to make this photo. I wanted to show the players in some great light during a big moment in the game. I moved just out of the dugout to show them cheering on their pitcher. I love having my players in the sun with the background in the shade.

2. C.J. Parsons was a player that was fun to photograph this season. Above I had a shot of a player celebrating the final out of a game. This was just a strike call early on in the game. She played with an enthusiasm that is gold for a photographer. It is no wonder that she shows up a couple of times in this countdown.

  1. I will be the first to admit that this photo was taken before a game. I was getting some shots of the outfielders at a time when it was easy for me to do so. Even though it was like shooting fish in a barrel I still like this shot. These are the outfield shots that you don’t normally get, or you are panning over at the last second to get. Here I was able to compose with a good background. For some reason this shot has stuck with me since I made it.

Well there it is, my ten favorite shots from the 2016 Purdue softball season. As I have said before this is a beautiful stadium that is amazing to photograph in. The team and the fans are lucky to have such a great place to play in. I need to get out there more to see the team play, and so should you.


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