Testing the Canon 200-400mm f/4 Lens at the Sectional Championship

Stumbling Into A Great Game

Yesterday I was looking for somewhere to test out the Canon 200-400mm f/4 lens that was at my house when I returned from Terre Haute. A great part about the CPS program is that they let you try out equipment as an ‘evaluation loan’. The only problem is you do not know when it will arrive. It arrived shortly after I left for Terre Haute so sadly I did not have the full length of time with the lens. I needed something close to shoot, and as luck would have it a sectional championship game was happened at Loeb Stadium. I really had no stake in the game so I was just trying things out at the start. As I got more into the game I started shooting it like I would any other game. The best way to really test a lens is to put it through what you would normally do, and I did that. Zionsville won the game, and went through the normal celebration as you do in the postseason. It was a lucky break that I was there, but it made for some good photos. I am glad that I thought to head out to Loeb yesterday.

The Canon 200-400mm f/4 Is a Great Lens

As the headline says the Canon 200-400mm lens is a phenomenal lens. It should be for the nearly $13,000 price tag on it. If you shoot sports in good light then this lens is perfect for you. I don’t know about shooting at f/5.6 in bad light though. I would want the two stops that my 400mm f/2.8 gives me over this lens. I really liked the lens in good light. I will test it one more time this week at a night game before sending it back. I will post a quick review shortly after that.

The Tele Is Where It Is At


I have used a 100-400mm lens that I liked yet again in good light. What sets this lens apart from that one is the fact that this lens has a built in 1.4x teleconverter. I started out using the lens at 200mm just to see what it could do, and then I zoomed in to 400mm. I know this view as I just shot 14 games with my 400mm lens. What is great though is when I needed a closer photo of the pitcher I flipped the teleconverter over to the on position, and now I had a 560mm focal length. Above you can see examples of the three shots that I made of the McCutcheon pitcher at 200mm, 400mm, and 560mm. I thought that this simple display would be a great way to show just how wide of a range of photos that you can make. I found myself really playing with the zoom capabilities on plays to the outfield as well as the bases on the opposite side of the diamond from me. I really think that this one lens could replace two of mine for baseball. The real test will be at night though. Stay tuned for more on this great lens.

The Week in Photos

Once again I have compiled my favorite photos from the past week. This week though it is more of a best of the MVC baseball tournament post than anything else. That was my main focus this past week, and every photo in the post is of something surrounding the tournament. It was a fun week though, and I hope that it shows in the photos. You can see my Exposure post here. The emotion of a tournament with a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament on the line was amazing for my photography. These are the moments that you hope for when shooting. This coming weekend I will be at Vanderbilt shooting more post season baseball. I can imagine that I will have some good images from that weekend as well for my best of post.


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