Back at the Intercontinental Hotel in Chicago

They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

Part of the fun of staying at a historic hotel like the Intercontinental in Chicago is seeing all of the craftsmanship that used to go into building a hotel. These places were built to last many years, and at a time when it was okay to be a little over the top. Now with costs as the main concern you don’t see the attention to details that you used to. This fountain at the grand pool of the Intercontinental is one example of how amazing these buildings are. This is a grand pool room that is still used today. You can see a wide shot of the pool here on a previous post. With a public tour happening I had some time while waiting to make that wide shot of the pool. The kids were sitting around this fountain, and I realized that it was a perfect subject for a photo.

The Week in Photos

Once again I have compiled my favorite photos from the past week. This week though it is more of a best of the MVC baseball tournament post than anything else. That was my main focus this past week, and every photo in the post is of something surrounding the tournament. It was a fun week though, and I hope that it shows in the photos. You can see my Exposure post here. The emotion of a tournament with a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament on the line was amazing for my photography. These are the moments that you hope for when shooting.



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