Notre Dame Defeats Indiana at Victory Field

Cavan Biggio

Notre Dame Strikes Early to Earn the Win

Notre Dame scored five runs in the first five innings last night en route to a 5-0 victory over Indiana at Victory Field. After the last inning heartbreak last season it was a solid win, and had to feel good for anyone on that team last season. The games at Victory Field have a little extra something to them, and a win probably feels a bit bigger. Over six thousand were in attendance last night despite the rain that came down the entire game. Last year had a better forecast and more fans. You have to think that many stayed away because of the weather. As crazy as it seems I liked the fact that the rain was coming down. It added a little drama to the photos, and the different color umbrellas in the stands made for a different background.

Michael Hearne

Seeing Michael Hearne Pitch Again

Michael Hearne has been tearing up the weekday opponents for Notre Dame this year. The team is 9-0 when he starts, and he is the reigning ACC Pitcher of the Week. He has had a great run since I saw him pitch the home opener for the Irish over a month ago. It is a good thing to have a weekday starter who can dominate like Notre Dame does. That extra arm will help with tournament season closing in.

The Sons Shall Take Over

If you have read this blog for long then you know that baseball has been my favorite sport since I was a kid. As a kid growing up I remember the instant impact that John Cangelosi had with the White Sox. I also remember a young catcher named Craig Biggio breaking in with the Astros. Biggie would go on to play a few positions, but he would always remain a favorite of mine. What a treat it is to see their kids on the playing field. The shot above made in the ninth inning shows Cangelosi and Biggio talking at second base. You have to think that they will keep playing at the professional level, and who knows they may get to do this again in the show.

The One That Got Away

I am not sure that Logan Sowers got away from Purdue. I never heard that they recruited this player from their own backyard. He has had a nice career so far at Indiana, and I could not help but imagine what this kid would look like in Gold and Black. He is a good hitter that could help a team like Purdue out. That did not happen though so it is good to catch up with the local product when I photograph Indiana games.

Bonus Photos

Here are a couple of bonus photos that I liked from the game.


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