Sunset From Ross Ade Stadium

Catching a Nice Sunset From Ross Ade Stadium

Saturday night as I was getting ready to leave the wrestling banquet I walked into the elevator lobby to head down to the main level. I looked out the large windows and saw some nice light still in the sky. I reached back into my camera bag to get out my camera one last time. I saw a scene in front of me that I wanted to capture. I missed two straight elevators to the bottom, but I did get my shot. This would be a great spot to make a time lapse from. The clouds moving across the sky with the activity down below. I arrived at the banquet early, and had some free time. I spent some of that time looking out over the field of the football stadium. September seems like a long time to wait to see the Boilers play on it again.

Photos From the Wrestling Banquet

Purdue has put up some photos from the banquet Saturday night. You can view them here. It never gets old working for the school that you graduated from, and having them use your work. You can see more photos from the night on the Purdue Wrestling Exposure page here. It was a fun night to make photos, and I hope that it shows in my work.

The Week In Photos

This week I have created another Exposure page with my favorite photos from the past week that you can find here. This is one of my favorite parts of the week as I look back at the past week. I have been on a roll with some great events every since I started putting the post together so the posts have been getting better and better.

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