Purdue Wrestling Banquet

Photographing the End of Season Purdue Wrestling Banquet

I really had no intention of writing a post about the banquet last night. Going into the weekend I had posts scheduled to go out so that I could take a weekend off of blogging. Of course whenever I do that something happens that makes me scrap the entire plan. That is what happened last night at the Purdue wrestling banquet. I love shooting events, but I usually do not blog about them because they are more personal affairs for those involved. I will not show a bunch of photos off to you today from the night. The photo above was one that I thought I could share. I really wanted to share my experience with you from the banquet.

A True Family

When you hear athletes talk about their teams one of the cliches is to say that they are like family. I heard that phrase a few times last night, and it is anything but a cliche. These guys really are a family. You can see it in the way that they interact with each other, and through the stories that they tell. This was a great group to be around. I really need to get out and see a few more matches next season. The matches that I attended this year were great, and the wrestlers gave me some great photos. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes next year with the six seniors leaving. You get to see new leaders step in and take charge and that is always fun to do.

A Great Light

As the banquet was wrapping up the sun was going down. A beautiful golden light filled the room as the group watched the season wrap up video. I had my cameras in silent mode, and I made my way around the room trying to capture the moments that were happening in this great light. Some of my favorite photos of the night came in the final minutes of the dinner.

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