Blowing Up the Borg-Warner Trophy

The Borg-Warner Trophy Gets The JW Marriott Treatment

If you live in Indiana then you have probably seen an ad for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. The race buildup seems to be entering a fevered pitch, and we are still a month away from the race. I think that by the time the race in run it will be a huge deal around Indy. Before the Indy Indians game on Wednesday I made a quick trip next door to see the progress of the Borg-Warner trophy was making as it appeared on the side of the JW Marriott. This really is an amazing thing that Indy has done for their big events lately. I loved the super sized bracket that they put up for the men’s Final Four in 2015, and I wondered why the women’s Final Four did not get the same treatment. Maybe they were saving their pennies for this large version of the Borg-Warner trophy that is going up to celebrate the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500. One cool little tidbit is that the photo of the trophy was made by Walt at Robert’s camera.

Seeing the 500 In Person

I have been to see a couple of Indy 500 races of the 99 that have been run so far. In reality that is not a very big number. It is an experience that everyone should do at least once. I really would love to photograph a race in the near future. I have made some photos at the track, and I plan on going to some practices this year to make a few more. Baseball has kind of dominated April on this blog, and auto racing may dominate May. Of course as a freelancer anything can happen so I usually don’t plan that far in advance. May is still a week away after all.


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