Purdue Basketball Defeats Northwestern

Purdue Rides Hammons to Win Against Northwestern

Last night I was back in Mackey Arena to see Purdue take on Northwestern. At times it seemed like Purdue had finally pulled away from the Wildcats, but as they always seem to do Northwestern stayed right in the game. No matter who is coaching them the Wildcats always seem to play scrappy basketball. A.J. Hammons had a solid game to lead the Boilers to the victory. I spent a lot of the game sitting on one picture that I had in mind. It was a specialty shot that I think will be cool if it ever happens. Of course Purdue never got out on the break today, and I wasted a lot of time. I was not shooting for anyone though so it was a gamble that I could take. My goal lately has been to come away from a game with my favorite photo being something that is not about the peak action. I think that I get too focused there, and I forget about the other aspects of gameday sometimes. Lately I have been successful with that quest. Tonight I would say that I was okay with how I shot the game.

Mackey Arena During the National Anthem

I love it when they bring the big flag into Mackey Arena. Tonight I went up high to make a couple of photos of the flag on the court. I would have brought a wider lens had I known that this was going to happen. Of course things like this are kept secret for some reason. I had my 24-105mm lens with me so I could get a decent one shot image of the flag. I also made a panoramic image during the Anthem as well. I have placed the pano above for you to see. It is a great sight for sure, and one that I love to see.

Bonus Photos

Below are a couple of extra photos from the game. I never know from year to year whether or not I will have a pass the following year so at this point I am usually shooting like there is no tomorrow. It seems like the baselines keep getting more and more crowded, and I really am unsure about what will happen next season. I am happy to be there now though so I will include a few bonus photos that I liked from the game last night. I won’t make an Exposure page for this game. Purdue really has a great team that puts together a great page. If you want to see what they made from last night you can click here. Today I will be shooting tennis again at the Swartz Tennis Center so expect a post from that shoot tomorrow. You can also check out my photo gallery from the last home Purdue game against Michigan State here, as well as my favorite photos from last week here.


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