Notre Dame Tennis at Purdue

Notre Dame Tennis Comes to Purdue

Yesterday I was back at the Schwartz Tennis Center to photograph the Notre Dame tennis team take on Purdue. Over the course of the past year I have shot more for Notre Dame than any other school. Last week I photographed the Purdue tennis team so it was weird this week being on the opposite side of the court so to speak. Notre Dame won the match 6-1, but that lopsided score does not tell the tale of the day. With the match very much still in the balance three great battles were going on to decided the outcome of the day. In the end all three went to the Irish, but not without a big fight by Purdue. The tough battles produced some great moments away from the action. The harder you have to fight for something the sweeter it is when you get it.

Shooting For More Than the Action

As I said yesterday I have been going in to each event lately trying to make a better picture away from the peak action. I want my favorite shot to have nothing to do with the action of the match. Don’t get me wrong I made many action pictures of each of the six players for Notre Dame. My favorite shots of the day though were made when the ball was not in play. When I go in with this mindset I seem to come out with much better photos.


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