Getting Ready For The Super Bowl

Indianapolis Looking Great For the Super Bowl in 2012

Every year as the Super Bowl draws closer I think back to 2012 when Indiana was buzzing over hosting the Super Bowl. I thought that Indy did a great job hosting the event. I am pretty sure that the committee did as well so hopefully we see the Super Bowl back in Indiana sooner rather then later. I went down to Indy the Saturday before the big game to see all of the things that were in place for the big game. I made one of my first big successful photos down there during that time. You can read about that photo here. I was still in the early stages of my photo 365 project so I was looking for anything to help me get through that winter.  A photo rich environment in Indy that day helped out a lot. I thought that I would post one of my images that I have not posted before today with the Super Bowl so close again.

Re-Visiting Old Photos

I don’t like to re-do photos that I have already posted and processed. Sometimes it has to be done as my early HDR attempts were terrible. This photo though was really never touched by me. At the time the HDR process I was doing left too much of a halo for my taste so I left it sitting in a folder on my Drobo. I decided to give it a go again processing to see what I could come up with. I ran three photos through Aurora HDR Pro to see what they would do, and then I processed a single RAW file in Lightroom. The single photo from Lightroom looked much better to meet without as much noise in it. The HDR software seemed to really amp up the noise in a weird way. I liked the look of the photo so you get to see it today.


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