Purdue Wrestling vs. Ohio State

Purdue Loses a Tough Match Against Ohio State

Yesterday I went down to Holloway Gymnasium to photograph some wrestling. As the year has gone by looking through the work that Charles Jischke has done for Purdue has inspired me to shoot wrestling again. I picked a great day to attend as Purdue took #9 Ohio State to the last match. The day was full of upsets and near misses. It could have been a historic day if not for a couple of lost points. No matter what though the wrestlers brought the action, and all that I had to do was to capture it. The highlight for me of the day had to be Luke Welch upsetting the #8 wrestler in the country. It was a good win, but it was also Luke’s birthday. He was pumped after the match, and I was lucky enough to capture the moment. It is moments like this that I live for. Lucky for me he was facing the right direction when he chose to celebrate.

Photographing Wrestling

Saturday I photographed hockey which a lot of people consider one of the hardest sports to photograph. I don’t mind hockey. I really think that wrestling might be one of the hardest sports to photograph. It is not easy to get the peak moment shots that I look for. There are long periods of struggle followed by a flourish of moves. You have to constantly be ready to push your shutter to capture that action. It is a lot like baseball, but without the cue as to when the action will happen. Yesterday I really did not worry about my backgrounds or moving to a new position. My goal for the day was to just capture the action. Learning a new sport is never easy so I tried to slow it down a little by staying put and just watching the action form one position. What I found yesterday was that this is a fun sport to photograph, and I have a few ideas for some things to try the next time I am next to the mat.

Closing Out the Month of January

January was a good month for me. I started off the year strong making some photos that I really like. Looking back at where I was a year ago at this time I think that I have moved forward by leaps and bounds in almost every respect as a photographer. All you can do is to keep improving, and I am doing that. This month I have made some photos that I think that you will see again at the end of the year in my ‘best of’ posts. If this month is any indication of the year ahead I am in for a fun ride. January is usually my slow month, but it has been full of images for me. This meet was a great way to close out a fun month. On to February!

More Photos From the Match

I have been putting together an Exposure page of some of my favorite images of the week. I have put a few photos that I liked from yesterday into the page for last week that you can find here. It was a fun week with some new locations for a change. I will also include a few images below that I liked from the match. You can find my full gallery on my website here.


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