Day 114: A Super View

Today I spent a good portion of the day in Indianapolis to see the Super Bowl village. I took many pictures with the intent of getting one good shot for this blog. I also tried some things with motion at the zip line, and got some more work in on long exposures once the sun went down. At something like this there is no shortage of things to shoot. It was like a playground for a photographer. I kept shooting the rest of the village, but I knew that this was my shot all day. It is taken from a parking garage just to the side of the stadium. I tried this picture a couple of years ago handheld and failed. All day I knew that I wanted one more shot at it.

Lately I have learned that sometimes the best place to get your shot is to go up. Since I had already been here I knew that the view would be good. I actually visited the roof of this parking garage three times today. The first time was with the sun right in my lens. I really just wanted to make sure that it was a worthy shot. The second time was as the sun was just going behind Lucas Oil Stadium. With a lack of clouds in the sky I knew that the sunset would not be great. I snapped a couple of pictures, and went back down into the village. I went back to Monument Circle to get some shots before the sun completely disappeared. One thing that I have learned during this 365 Project is that sometimes your best night shot comes before the night has set in. It was then that I noticed that the sun had gone down and left a very nice glow. It was time to get my shot.

I took off down the street to get back to my garage. I went up all eight floors to get to the roof, and once again I was by myself up there. I almost yelled when I saw how beautiful the sky looked. Of course I didn’t have my tripod, but I knew that I could use the ledge of the building in it’s place. That was part of the first scouting trip about three hours earlier. This is an HDR shot that combines three pictures taken with exposures ranging from 15-30 seconds. As my last two shots were being taken I noticed a plane that came into view from camera right. I was actually rooting for it to go behind the smokestack when my shots were switching over. It did just that so that both shots can stand on their own without a plane just appearing out of nowhere in the sky. I really like the 15 second exposure the best out of the three. Actually that picture almost was my choice for the picture of the day. In the end of course I went with the HDR image. I have many pictures from today that will end up on my Facebook page at some point tonight. If you haven’t clicked on the link below to find Pinola Photography on Facebook why don’t you try it now? Heck while you are there click the like button. I would guess when I am done about 50 shots from the day will end up on my page there.

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