A Biergarten Serenade

Hanging Out in Germany For a Night

Part of the fun of our trip to Disney at the end of the year was the different dining experiences that we had. Epcot was was amazing with the different ways that you could spend your evening. Our first real experience of the trip was at the Biergarten restaurant in Germany. While you ate they had an authentic German band that came out to perform a short show. The show could not have been much more than ten minutes, but was very entertaining. We saw two of the performances, and while the kids were on the dance floor I made this image of the singing of silent night. They brought house lights down with a single spot on the guitar player as he sang. I don’t get to shoot a lot of music so I had some fun shooting the band. The architecture in the background adds a little to the image. This was a fun image to make early on in the trip.

Falling in Love With Epcot

This was my first trip back to Epcot since I was about twelve. At that age I thought that it was a boring place. Why would I want to learn about other countries? The one country that held some interest to me was Canada because they had hockey pucks for sale. On this trip I had way too much fun walking around the various countries. I think that the kids enjoy the Magic Kingdom a bit more, but Epcot really is a great place for the adults.


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