Summer at Four Winds Field

Looking Forward to Summer Baseball

As the cold weather moves in it seems like baseball could not be further away. If you have followed this blog for any length of time then you know that I love to photograph baseball. I think that I am one of the few that loves to make photos of the sport. Many think that it is slow and a bit boring, but I find myself trying to get to spots all of the time to capture the action. There really is a lot to photograph if you know what to look for. As I write this the temperature is one degree outside. I think that I chose this photo today because it just makes me feel a bit warmer. I cannot wait until I get to photograph some baseball on a warm summer night again.

Photographing at Four Winds Field

One of the cooler things that I did last summer was photographing a game at Four Winds Field. I shot many games from an amateur position in the stands as a fan since the ballpark opened up in the late 80’s. Back then it was called Coveleski Stadium, and was first home to the South Bend White Sox, and then for a long time the South Bend Silverhawks. I saw the start of the renovation of the stadium in 2011 before I moved to West Lafayette. With the new affiliation with the Cubs last year they made a few more renovations to the park that made it hard for me to recognize as I looked at it from behind the plate. The landmarks around the stadium let you know where you are, and then you can marvel at what was done to this park. I was given a fantastic sunset the night I was at the stadium so I made a few photos of it from various places. The photo of the day today is one that I knew I wanted to make as I made my way around the stadium.


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