Fun at the Magic Kingdom

Spending Time at the Magic Kingdom with Family

If you follow me on Instagram then you may know that I just spent a week in Florida at the various Disney World resorts. We had a large group of people with us making some great memories for all involved. I made this photo on our last night in town as we were trying to leave the Magic Kingdom. We had just witnessed the early fireworks show, and we had to get to our dinner reservation at the Polynesian resort. The problem was getting through the crowds already positioning for the light show and the next fireworks display. As we were leaving the park I broke away from the group for a minute to make this photo. I love how the blues and yellows play together here, and I hoped that I could do the scene justice. Without a tripod I had to hold very still to make a usable image. When it was all said and done this was one of my favorite photos from the trip.

Follow Me on Instagram

I have been trying to use Instagram more than I currently do. I really use it heavily while on vacation, but sparingly when back at home. To solve that problem I have decided to post at least one photo a day to my account for this calendar year. You can view my profile here. Over the course of the trip I made many photos with my dSLR, but then pulled out my camera to make another photo from the same location. I know that you do not have to use the square format anymore, but I like the way that it makes me look at the scene a little differently. At times it resulted in the dSLR coming back out to try one more angle. This blog started with a photo 365 project with my dSLR. Now once again I will use the year long project to change how I look at everyday life.


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